Watches Under $5k

Looking for the best price on an affordable luxury watch?

Browse our selection of entry level luxury watch brands – all under $5k – including new, pre-owned and secondhand watches we have listed for sale in Australia. These are all perfect starter watches if you are starting your your watch collecting journey.

We also need to clarify that when we talk about entry-level luxury watches, these models are not inferior in any way.  Yes, there are at a lower price-point, but they all use excellent components and are made with the same care and attention to detail as pricier models. Ultimately it comes down to what floats your boat! You’ll be surprised to find many of the big name luxury watch brands in this price range – including Breitling, Omega, Tudor, Tag Heuer and more.

If you want to step up in budget then browse our watches under $10k range. Also be sure to read our article covering Tudor watches, and why it could be the best value luxury watch brand out there.

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